3 Hot Selling Carbonization Furnaces for Charcoal Molding Line

As customers require higher quality charcoals, more and more biochar manufacturers are inclined to make charcoal. Whether it is hookah charcoal or BBQ biochar. In order to meet their needs, our engineers design various carbonization furnaces for your choice. Then through the analysis of current data, we summery the 3 hot selling carbonization furnaces, which are popular among our customers. You can choose one according to your needs.

NO.1 Hoisting carbonizer machine

This type of carbonization furnace is the most common carbonizer machine. And it can produce charcoal from sawdust briquettes, wood, bamboo, coconut shells, rice husk, agro wastes, etc. So why do you need to choose this machine?

Carbonizing materials easily and quickly

With the electric hoist, it can lift the inner tank easily, which save labor cost. And each furnace is equipped with 3 inner tanks. Then carbonizing time is 8-12 hours to ensure the good quality of charcoal. After one tank of materials finishes carbonization, you can lift out it by the hoist and then put another tank of materials for charring.

vertical carbonization machine for charcoal molding plant
details of hoisting carbonization equipment

Having various designs

In addition, vertical carbonization machine also has many other elaborate designs. They can offer you a better carbonization experience. First, it has two furnaces, internal furnace and external furnace, which has a higher charcoal production rate. And the inner stove and the furnace cover are equipped with hanging ears that can be hooked. Therefore, it is convenient to upgrade related accessories during operation.

NO.2 Horizontal carbonization furnace

Horizontal carbonization machine is a new type of biochar making equipment. It adopts a horizontal design to reduce machine height. So it is more convenient for loading raw materials. What are the other advantages of horizontal carbonizer machine?

horizontal carbonization equipment for charcoal molding machine
details of horizontal carbonization furnace

No.3 Continuous carbonization machine

Comparing with the above carbonization furnaces, carbonization rotary kiln’s greatest feature is to produce charcoal continuously, not batch production. And the entire charcoal production process is smokeless, and no pollution to the environment. In addition, it adopts a double-cylinder structure. This design makes the material tumbling from the inner furnace to the outer furnace in a circle. That is to say, the inlet and outlet of the materials carbonization furnace are on the same side. What’s more, its capacity is the largest scale in these machines, which can get 100-3800 kg/h.

continuous carbonization machine for charcoal briquette plant

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