Charcoal Ball Press Machine

  • Capacity: 3-45 t/h

  • Spindle speed: 15-17 r/min

  • Length: 2.26-4 m

  • Final product size: 25-50 mm

  • Warranty: 12 months

Charcoal ball press machine is a roller-type briquette press that can compress charcoal powder into ball and pillow, etc shape briquettes. It is one of the key equipment in biochar briquettes production. Our company designs this machine with many years of experience in charcoal briquettes making. So the quality of roller press briquettes machine is guaranteed. And this machine can not only use mechanical force to make briquettes, but also adopt hydraulic system achieving biochar briquettes production. For this, more and more charcoal briquettes manufacturers prefer to use it to produce briquettes.

3 main structures of charcoal ball press machine in YS

In order to meet customer’s requirements, our engineers racked their brains to design this roller press charcoal briquettes molder. It consists of three main parts:

The feed port of the charcoal ball press machine has a screw feeding device. On the one hand, it can control the feeding speed to prevent the accumulation of charcoal powder. On the other hand, ensuring that you can feed wet materials continuously and evenly to the rollers of the forming machine.

We design various styles of roller skins to produce charcoal briquettes of various shapes. So the material is quickly formed into a spherical biochar briquettes through the powerful mechanical squeezing of the rollers.

The finished product falls on the conveyor belt and is sent out of the discharge port. And there is an iron screen at the outlet of the charcoal ball press machine. It can separate scraps and final products. In addition, it can also achieve collecting and using the sieved scraps.

main structure of charcoal ball briquette machine
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How does a charcoal ball press machine work in biochar briquettes making?

It is a simple process to manufacture biochar briquettes. Firstly you can feed raw materials into the hopper of the ball press machine. Then the screw propeller in the hopper rotates and pushes the raw material forward. During this process, two rollers make use of physical force to compress materials and the pressure gradually increases. For this, die holes of the ball press machine force out the compressed material in the form of briquettes or balls.

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How to choose materials for briquettes making in charcoal ball press machine?

According to customer’s different requirements, we design a roller press briquetting machine which can adopt various materials and shapes of briquette.

Briquette making materials types

  • Fuel materials: If you want to use briquettes as a fuel, charcoal is the best option for you.

  • Metal materials: When you prepare making metal briquettes, you can use oxide scale, mill scale, iron, aluminum, ferro silicon, copper, chrome, chromite, manganese, nickel, zinc, etc as materials.

  • Mineral materials: Then for mineral briquettes supply, you can prepare briquettes with kaolin, laterite, magnesite, fluorite, fluorspar, silicon, dolomite, etc.

Charcoal briquettes preparation materials requirements

less than 5mm
Lime & clay as binder
moisture 18-20%
pulp or sodium humate as binder
moisture 10-12%
asphalt as binder
moisture 2-4%

High quality briquette comes from the small raw material. So for common materials, less than 5mm is a good choice for energy saving and usage.

Moisture is very important in briquetting process. If the material is too wet, it will stick in the roller hole and the machine won’t make briquette anymore. And too dry, you can’t even get the shaped briquette. So, what is the proper moisture for briquetting? This is different from material to material, and also have something to do with the binder you plan to use.

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Why do you need to add binders before charcoal briquetting process?

In the roller briquette press process, the materials need to add binder before briquetting. Because we have different consideration for the binders. For example, if your material is too wet to briquette, we usually need to dry it. But if the moisture is not that high, we solve the problem by adding some dry binder not only for briquetting also for moisture controlling. So the proportion of binder is different for different materials.

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Final product of charcoal ball press machine

The shape of the biochar powder briquetting machine is determined by its mold. So we can provide customers with pillow, spherical, bread, and other molds. Moreover, we customize mold patterns and texts for customers. The following is the different shapes of final product image:

final product of roller biochar briquette machine
different types of product in charcoal ball press equipment
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How much does roller press briquetting machine cost?

Finally, the price of charcoal ball press machine is an item most customers pay attention to. And it is a major factor in determining whether customers are willing to buy this charcoal briquettes making machine. The price of this machine on the market is about 3,500 dollars/set to 58,000 dollars/set in 2024, and varies with its capacity and configuration. If you want to know detail price of biochar ball pressing machine you need, you can contact us.

charcoal ball press machine price
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Roller press briquette machine plant for sale

You can use the charcoal ball pressing machine alone and combine with other equipment to form a charcoal briquettes production line. Feeder machine, crusher, mixer, belt conveyor and dryer, various combinations, you can choose as you need.

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