How to Manufacture Charcoal Briquettes in South Africa

In South Africa, there are abundant raw materials that can be processed into economical product. But how to dispose of materials to get more profits? For this, a customer from South Africa chooses to turn them into charcoal briquettes. But how to manufacture charcoal briquettes? On 10th January 2024, the South African client inquired about the project for making biochar pellets. After considering the actual conditions and requirements from the customer, we design a 1 t/h charcoal briquette production line as follows:

What is the application of biochar briquette in South Africa?

This South African customer prepares to use sugar cane, corn stalks, rice husk and wheat straw, etc as biomass materials. These materials are suitable for making biochar briquettes. Why do you choose to turn these materials into biochar briquettes? In general, charcoal briquette has a variety of uses in South Africa, including agriculture, energy, water and livestock.

How to make charcoal from biomass materials in South Africa?

After understanding the uses of charcoal briquette, the customer from South Africa clearly decided to produce biochar pellets. Before producing charcoal briquettes, you need to carbonize the material. What charcoal kiln is suitable for you?

Suitable capacity

This client could collect 50 tons of biomass materials for biochar making. Because the general carbonization rate is 30%, it needs charcoal making equipment with an output of 1 t/h. Here,YS-1912 rotary charcoal kiln can make 900-1100 kg of charcoal from biomass materials per hour. So it can fully meet the large scale biochar making of 1 t/h.

continuous carbonization machine for charcoal briquette making
continuous carbonization equipment details

Carbonizing biomass materials quickly

Our continuous carbonization furnace has characteristics of PLC control system, indirect-fired method, Q245 R steel + 310S stainless steel materials use, etc. So during the pyrolysis of biomass, the temperature inside the rotary drum can reach 550°C-650°C. In this way, you complete the biomass waste within 30 min.

Making biochar environmentally and friendly

In addition, YS-1612 rotary kiln also can help you make charcoal with a low energy consumption and no smoke. There is a gas dust treatment system designed for it. The system can purify combustible gas from carbonization. Then you can use the purified gas as a heat source for subsequent process of tea cuttings to biochar.

gas disposal system in continuous carbonization machine

4 Steps for producing biochar briquette

According to the requirement of South African client, we provide him with a complete biochar briquette making line. And there are some machines in this plant:

charcoal ball press line

Feeding finished biomass charcoal into feeder. The machine can help you control the speed of commercial charcoal pellets production. If you want to add solid auxiliary materials for better briquette making, it is an idea choice for material proportion controlling.

The client from South Africa told us he planned to add some combustion accelerant and binders to facilitate the production of charcoal briquettes. In order to make the binders work fully, you need to blend them with biomass charcoal powder evenly. Here, double shaft mixer can finish the mixing quickly.

Then using charcoal briquettes making machine to turn charcoal mixture into briquette or pellets according to your needs. Here, we can offer you with charcoal extruder machine, charcoal ball press equipmentshisha charcoal briquette making machine, etc for your choice.

Finally, charcoal packaging machine can help you pack charcoal briquettes in bags to sell. For this, whether you want to pack cubic briquettes, tablet charcoal pellets or other, our charcoal bagging equipment can fully meet your requirements. And there are types of packaging machines for your choice.

The above are details about our communication with the customer about how to manufacture charcoal briquettes in South Africa. In addition, we can also provide you with many other charcoal molding projects. Such as sawdust biochar briquette making or wood to charcoal, coconut shell to shisha charcoal, etc.

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