Small Scale Rice Husk Charcoal Briquette Making Machine in Tanzania

Tanzania is suffering from the environmental burden of excessive logging due to its large charcoal briquette exports. In order to prevent continuous environmental degradation, local people use other materials instead of wood to produce charcoal briquette. But there is a concomitant that needs to focus on. How are charcoal briquettes made from other materials? Charcoal briquette making machine is necessary. So on 5th March 2024, a customer from Tanzania inquired about small scale charcoal briquette making machine from rice husk.

Why should you choose rice husk as material to make charcoal briquette?

This Tanzanian customer prepared to use rice husks with other other materials, such as sawdust, wood chips, coconut shells,etc to make biochar briquettes. Why?

Rice husk

It contains about 30-50% of organic carbon and has a high heat value of 13-16 MJ per kg. And rice husk is what is left collected after rice milling and has high moisture content. Mixing it with other materials to make biochar briquettes is the best choice for you.

rice husk as material for making charcoal briquette
coconut shell as material for making biochar briquette

Coconut shell

It is a permanent crop that grows in about 92 countries today. Then the coconut shell has a high calorific value and contains lower ash content than others, high volatile matter content and being a permanent crop. So it is available in abundant quantity at a cheap cost. In addition, the carbon content in coconut shell leads to the production of a superior quality residue which can be converted to activated carbon in waste water treatment along with the potential of replacing wood and other traditional fuel sources.

What machines are suitable for small scale biochar briquette production?

Because Tanzanian client wanted to produce small scale or medium scale charcoal briquette, what equipment is suitable for making them?

Hoisting carbonization machine can carbonize 1-1.5 t/h rice husk and other materials. And it can achieve 99% carbonization rate, which is suitable for making high quality charcoal briquette. In addition, it has loading box to pack rice husk and other materials to prevent leakage.

It can grind charcoal into powder and mix biochar powder with binders at the same time. So the dual-use design is very economical and affordable.

There are four charcoal briquette machines for your choice. Such as charcoal extruder machine, ball press equipment, hookah press machine and rotary charcoal tablet machine. But customer from Tanzania prepared to produce small scale charcoal briquette. So hookah press machine and rotary charcoal tablet machine are more suitable for him, which they can make 1-6 t/h biochar briquettes.

Because we recommend hookah press equipment and rotary charcoal tablet machine to make biochar briquettes. For this, hookah charcoal briquette packaging machine is the best choice for you.

What is the cost of small scale rice husk biochar briquette making machine?

During small scale rice husk charcoal briquette plant setup, cost is an item you must focus on. According to your budget for charcoal briquette making, YS can offer you suitable solutions and equipment. Generally, the cost of biochar briquette manufacturing consists of equipment purchasing, area preparation, labor force and energy consumption.

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