BBQ Charcoal Briquette Plant

  • Capacity: 100-3800 kg/h

  • Power: 25-150 kw

  • Equipment material: Q245 R steel, 310S stainless steel

  • Voltage: 220v/380v, customization

  • Warranty: 12 months

BBQ charcoal briquette plant is a professional tool for biochar briquette making. Moreover, it can not only make materials into balls, but also into the pillow, bread, and oval shapes to meet customer needs. Because barbecue charcoal replaces traditional biomass fuel and raw coal, it is an effective way to achieve energy-saving and emission reduction. Moreover, the biochar briquette making machine can easily solve the problems of inconvenient transportation and difficult handling of crushed charcoal. Therefore, it is the preferred investment project for biochar processing plant. If you are interested in the our barbecue charcoal production line, please contact us immediately.

Why bbq charcoal briquette is popular around the world?

With the increasing development of economy level and demand for better life, barbecue, as one new style of cooking, has been becoming more and more common around the people’s daily life, which is widely held for daily party or meal. For holding bbq, one of the most important matter is choosing bbq fuel. Traditionally, people use small coal charcoal as fuel for grilling the food, which is easy to cause the bad smell in the finished food, and people do not like it. As the technology developed fast, charcoal briquette produced by briquette machine has been the preferred bbq fuel around the world due to its high combustion ratio, easy to burn, no ashes produced during combustion etc. So if you have a bbq charcoal briquette plant, you will get more profits!

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Where to buy a suitable barbecue briquette production line?

Sunrise charcoal molding machine manufacturer
customize machine for your customer
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How to make barbecue biochar briquettes?

When you want to make bbq biochar briquettes, you need to use some machine. Including carbonization furnace, charcoal pulverizer, double shafts horizontal mixer, wheel mill, biochar briquette machine, rotary dryer, and packaging machine.

Raw material preparation

Firstly, you need to collect raw materials, which is the most important matter in making bbq charcoal briquettes. Plenty kinds of raw materials can be made into charcoal briquette, such as, forestry residues like wood logs, wood chips, sawdust, shavings, twigs, leaves etc; crop wastes like crop straws, rice husk, coconut shell, pineapple shell, peanut shell, sorghum slag etc.

raw material preparation for BBQ charcoal briquette making
carbonization machine in BBQ charcoal briquette plant


You can send the raw materials like logs, branches, or coconut shells to the hoist carbonization furnace first. But if your materials are rice husks, wood chips, or any other materials of small size, a continuous carbonization furnace is definitely a good choice. And the furnace will turn them into charcoal at a high temperature and low oxygen environment.

Crushing materials

Due to the strict requirements, the size of charcoal should be kept below 3mm. So crusher is a necessary machine in bbq charcoal briquettes production line. There are types of grinders for your choice. Such as double shafts shredder, hammer mill and Raymond mill, etc.

crushing machine in BBQ biochar briquette line
mixing and pressing in BBQ charcoal briquette plant

Mixing and pressing

In the process of making barbecue charcoal, you should add appropriate water and binders. The charcoal grinder mixer will stir and then pre-press them to make them fully mixed and expel some air.

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How to choose an area for bbq charcoal briquette plant setup?

After material collection and equipment purchasing, you also need to prepare a suitable place for bbq charcoal briquette plant establishing. Usually, you need to pay attention to two items.

For one thing, you’d better start bbq charcoal briquette preparation close to raw material origin. For another, it is advisable to build bbq biochar briquette plant in places with convenient transportation. Then it is easy to transport material back to the factory and deliver biochar briquette products to customers.

Generally, only needs a 3,000-5,000㎡ site, bbq charcoal briquette plant can help you finish briquette production.

Charcoal molding plant workshop
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Prospects of the barbecue charcoal production line

With the deterioration of the environment, more and more countries have begun to use charcoal instead of coal. At the same time, the use of charcoal is indispensable for barbecue in summer, heating in winter, and indoor deodorization. The demand for pressed charcoal has given birth to the development of charcoal products. From industrial burning high-temperature charcoal to activated carbon for water treatment in water plants, indoor deodorizing coconut shell activated carbon, to charcoal for heating in our lives, barbecue charcoal, etc., it is precisely these users’ needs. For this, the charcoal industry will have very good prospects in the future.

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