Hookah Press Machine

  • Capacity: 1-6 t/h

  • Raw material size: less than 5mm

  • Moisture of material: less than 25%

  • Final product shape: square, round and hexagonal

  • Warranty: 12 months

Hookah press machine is a type of machine for making shisha charcoal. When you use this machine to make hookah biochar, the final product is easy to burn for a long time and don’t have odor. In addition, this equipment can replace various molds according to your requirements. Such as producing cube, round, square and rectangular shape, etc. Shisha hookah press machine is suitable for producing large scale charcoal briquettes. So it is an ideal machine for continuous hookah charcoal briquettes production.

What material is suitable for hookah press machine?

As we all know, there are many materials that are very suitable to make charcoal, such as husk, waste wood leftovers, branches, stalks, nutshells and so on. However, the material to make hookah is much stricter, because of the high-quality requirement. Therefore, coconut, bamboo, orangewood, lemonwood, and other fruitwood are the best raw materials for charcoal.

2 requirements of material in shisha hookah press machine

If you want to make high quality shisha hookah charcoal briquettes, you need to choose materials which can meet the requirements. So there are 2 detailed information as follows:

under 3mm

Small material size is always good for charcoal briquette making before you make your charcoal briquette. So you can process your material with the proper size. We recommend you can grind materials under 3mm for making good quality charcoal briquette.

When you process materials into charcoal briquettes in hookah press machine, you need to pay attention to the moisture of material. 12%-15% is the best moisture range of material in biochar briquettes production.

Content 20%

Top 2 shisha hookah pressing machine for your choice

In YS, we provide various kinds of hookah charcoal briquette machines, including mechanical shisha biochar maker and hydraulic shisha charcoal machine. The following are the detailed information:

Mechanical shisha biochar maker

This charcoal machine uses the pressure generated by mechanical power to squeeze the biochar block into a specific shape. The operation of the hookah charcoal press is very simple. So you can replace the extrusion die of the hookah charcoal press and process various shapes of hookah charcoal blocks. The shape of hookah briquettes can be a cube, diamond, ring, triangle and disc, etc. And you can also engrave the user’s company name, brand name and logo, etc. on the charcoal.

Hydraulic shisha charcoal machine

If you want to know the difference between this type of equipment and mechanical shisha charcoal maker, you need to understand the structure. So the main structure of the charcoal tablet press includes the frame, the motor, the hydraulic system, the PLC console, the mold, and the conveyor belt.

It is used to adjust the speed of making shisha charcoal, the thickness of shisha charcoal and other parameters, etc. With it, you can greatly improve the degree of automation and only require one person to operate the machine, which saves labor costs.

This can provide high pressure and help shisha charcoal increase its density. Only enough pressure can make the hookah charcoal not brittle and of high quality.

It can control the thickness of the final shisha charcoal. If you want to customize the thickness final product, it can help you achieve your needs.

Different molds can press different shapes of hookah charcoal, the common shapes are square and round. We can also customize molds according to customer requirements.

Content 40%

What binder can you use to make hookah charcoal briquettes?

Charcoal is a material totally lacking plasticity. Hence, you need addition of a sticking or agglomerating material to enable a briquette to be formed. For this, binder becomes a very important factor is the charcoal briquette making process. In addition, pure charcoal is a thing which burns with no smoke, no smell. And the use of charcoal determines the type of binder it uses, for industry usage, there would be wider choices in binders.

Content 60%

How much does hookah press machine cost?

The price of shisha hookah charcoal making machine is an item you must pay attention to. But there is no doubt that you can buy shisha charcoal machine at a favourable price in YS. Because we are a source factory for charcoal briquettes making machine manufacturing, there is no extra charge during the transaction. In general, the prices of the above hookah press machines are as follows:

$3,000-$4,300 Mechanical shisha charcoal making machine

Commonly, the price of charcoal briquettes making machine is related to the type. This type of machine use mechanical power to make biochar briquettes. So you need to prepare $3,000-$4,300 for purchasing this machine. And its capacity can get 1-6 t/h.

1-6 t/h mechanical shisha charcoal making machine price
Hydraulic hookah biochar machine cost

$6,500-$8,000 hydraulic hookah biochar machine

Do you want to finish charcoal briquettes making in a shorter time? Hydraulic hookah biochar machine can fully meet your needs. It makes use of hydraulic system to make biochar briquettes quickly. Therefore, it has a price of $6,500-$8,000.

Content 80%

Where can you buy a suitable hookah press machine?

YS, as a professional charcoal briquettes making machine manufacturer, can provide you with customization service, after sales service and technical support.

Content 100%

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