Charcoal Extruder Machine

  • Capacity: 1-10 t/h

  • Molding specification: 20-80

  • Number of spiral blades: 4

  • Speed of mainshaft: 35-60 r/min

  • Warranty: 12 months

Charcoal extruder machine is a kind of briquette machine through using the screw structure to make rod shape briquette. And the most common use of this machine is for charcoal briquetting. So there are two methods. The one is molding first and then carbonization. The other one is that directly get rod shape briquettes (charcoal as materials). In addition, if you want to start continuous charcoal briquettes production, we can also meet your requirements.

What materials are suitable for charcoal extruder processing?

When you want to make briquettes from biochar extruder machine, you need to concern about the choice of materials. Such as type, size and moisture, etc. The following are the details:

Types of materials

Besides charcoal, this extruding machine can also produce briquettes from coke, sludge, olive pomace, sawdust and wood waste, etc. Different raw materials correspond to different briquettes production processes. So the selection of material is very important.

materials applied in charcoal extruder machine

Requirements of materials

If you want to make high quality briquettes, materials need to get a certain requirements. For this, the size of materials is usually less than 3-5 mm. And 10-14 % is best moisture for briquette making on charcoal briquette extruder. Of course, you can make the briquette with other moisture, but there are disadvantages. With low moisture, the friction will be bigger which makes the briquette output slower. Then if the briquette with high moisture, it will be softer and takes more time to dry.

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What is the working principle of charcoal extruder machine?

The charcoal extruder machine adopts the principle of screw extrusion to compress the charcoal powder into shaped briquettes. After pouring the charcoal powder into the feeding hopper, it is propelled forward to the discharging hole of the briquette machine by the screw. Then from the screw chamber to the mold, space is becoming smaller. Under tremendous pressure, charcoal passes through the mold and finally forms certain shapes.

working principle of charcoal extruder machine
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Top 2 briquettes production methods in charcoal extruder for your choice

There are two briquettes production methods for your choice. The one is molding first and then carbonization. The other one is that directly get rod shape briquettes, which use charcoal as materials. The detailed information is as follows:

molding first for charcoal extruder machine
rod biochar briquette maker
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Which type of biochar extruder machine is suitable for your briquettes making?

It is common that different customers have different needs and requirements in production. As a professional and considerate supplier, we design various types of charcoal extruders for you. Whether you have a small, medium or large scale production line, whether you want to produce charcoal briquettes or other briquettes, they can meet your needs. Among them, YS-140 is the one with the smallest output, about 1-2 tons/h. It is an idea choice for you, if you want to start a small scale briquettes making. The largest output one is YS-210, about 3-4 tons/h, it is suitable for the medium scale charcoal briquettes production line. If you need larger scale production, you can use YS-400 biochar extruder machine to make briquettes. Its capacity can get 6-10 t/h.

Model YS-140 YS-180 YS-210 YS-300 YS-400
Capacity 1-2 t/h 2-3 t/h 3-4 t/h 3-5 t/h 6-10 t/h
Molding Specification 20-40 20-60 20-80 20-80 20-80
Speed of Mainshaft 46-60 r/min 39-60 r/min 35-60 r/min 35-60 r/min 35-60 r/min
Number of Spiral Blades 4 4 4 4 4
Electrical Machinery Y160m-4 11kw

Y160l-4 15kw

Y180m-4 18.5kw

Y180l-4 22kw

Y200l-4 30kw

Y225g-4 37kw

Y225g-4 37kw

Y225m-4 45kw

Y315m-4 160kw
Reduction Dive ZQ350 ZQ400 ZQ500 ZQ650-750 ZQ850
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What other machines you need to make high quality biochar briquettes?

Besides charcoal extruder machine, there are some other machines can help you produce high quality rod shape biochar briquettes. (The following equipment is only configured around the charcoal extruder.)

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How to realize the continuous production of charcoal briquettes from biochar extruder?

charcoal extruder briquette plant

As mentioned above, we provide the relevant introduction of the charcoal extrusion press as a stand-alone production. Then can it produce charcoal briquettes continuously? Of course. You can buy charcoal extruder machine and combing it with batching machine, crusher, mixer, carbonization furnace and packaging equipment. They will create a charcoal extruder briquettes production line, which ensures that you can deliver quality biochar briquettes to your customers continuously.

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How about the final product made by the biochar extruder?

Through using different shapes molds, we can produce a variety of shapes of briquettes. And the die mold is easy to change and with long service life. So you can use just one machine to manufacture different briquette to meet your customers’ need.

  • Size: Common size for briquette are from diameter 20 mm to 80 mm.

  • Shape (Rod cross-sectional): Triangle, round, square, rectangle, plum blossom, etc.

shape of final product in charcoal extruder machine
size of final product in rod charcoal briquette make machine
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