How to Make Coconut Charcoal Briquettes

  • Capacity: 100-3800 kg/h

  • Power: 25-150 kw

  • Equipment material: Q245 R steel, 310S stainless steel

  • Voltage: 220v/380v, customization

  • Warranty: 12 months

With the development of environmental friendly charcoal, coconut shell disposal becomes more and more important for charcoal management. But the traditional charcoal making system cannot fully meet customers’ needs. So we need to upgrade it, and making coconut into biochar briquette is an ideal choice. For this, YS can provide you with coconut charcoal briquette making plans for your choice. If you have any other requirements. you can also contact us for customization.

Why so many manufacturers choose processing coconut into charcoal briquette?

Nowadays, more ad more charcoal briquettes manufacturers choose to turn coconut shell into biochar briquette. Why? There are three reasons:

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How to dispose of coconut shell into charcoal briquette?

From the above introduction, we can know that charcoal briquette production is an excellent choice for coconut shell disposal. But how to make coconut charcoal briquette? Here, YS will design a coconut disposal plan according to your actual conditions.

Carbonize coconut shell to charcoal

You can use carbonizing machine to carbonize coconut shells into charcoal directly. So we have different types of carbonization furnaces, almost all of them can be used for making coconut shell charcoal. For the small scale charcoal production, you can choose the hoisting and horizontal carbonization furnace. For the big charcoal factory, you can choose the continuous carbonizing machine.

carbonization machine in coconut charcoal briquette plant

Coconut shell charcoal crushing

Coconut shell charcoal keeps the shell shape or break into pieces after carbonizing. For this, before making briquettes, you need to grind them into powder. And charcoal powder is much easier for shaping and can reduce the wearing of the machine. Hammer mill and Raymond mill are the best choices for you.

Mixing coconut charcoal powder with water and binder

As coconut charcoal powder has no viscosity, we need to add a binder to help it form into briquettes. With a binder, the charcoal briquettes are more solid and the surface is more smooth. And the most common binder is corn starch and cassava starch. Because they are food grade and have no noxious gas after burning. Usually, the binder ratio is 3-5%.

Regarding the charcoal moisture, it should be 20-25% after mixing. In production, there is a good method to know whether the moisture is okay or not. Grab a handful of mixed charcoal and pinch it by hand. Because if the charcoal powder does not come loose, the humidity has reached the standard.

coconut charcoal briquette equipment

Coconut shell charcoal briquetting

This step is the most important in coconut shell biochar briquette making. Under high temperature and high pressure, the charcoal powder is briquetting into machines. And there are types of machine for your choice. Such as charcoal rotary tablet press, charcoal extruder machine, charcoal ball press machine and hookah press machine. You can choose them according to your needs.

Biochar briquette drying

All of the charcoal briquettes are wet after being produced by the charcoal briquette machine. So drying is necessary before using them as fuel or sold on the market. No doubt there are two ways to dry the coconut charcoal briquettes. One is natural drying in the sun, the other is drying by machine.

Natural drying

To prevent the soil or other impurities adhere to the surface of charcoal briquettes, we suggest you put the briquettes on a tray, plastic cloth, etc. And then it is better to put them on the shelf in case the rain or any unexpected damage. Usually, it takes around 4-7 days to dry the briquettes fully by natural drying. If your budget is not enough, you can choose this way.

natural drying coconut charcoal briquette

Charcoal dryer

There are two types of dryers for drying charcoal briquettes: mesh belt dryer and drying room.

mesh belt dryer in coconut biochar briquette plant
drying room in coconut charcoal briquette plant
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Why so many coconut manager choose to buy charcoal briquette machine from YS?

High quality fertilizer equipment

When buying coconut processing equipment, the quality is your primary consideration. In order to produce quality coconut charcoal briquette making machines, YS form a professional team composed of experts, professors and senior engineers. In addition, we constantly integrate advanced technologies and accessories from the domestic and foreign. Such as the Siemens, Schneider ABB, Delixi, Baosteel, etc.

Economical price

YS has its own char-molder equipment manufacturing factory, which is located in Xingyang City, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. So as a source factory, we can provide you with quality char-molders without extra charges. It is a more favourable price than others.

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