Wood Charcoal Briquette Manufacturing Machine to Romania

On 24th March 2024, we received a wood charcoal briquette manufacturer customer from Romania in our factory. The client is interested in hexagonal charcoal briquette making line including pressing, cutter & dryer and discusses the layout of his 1-2 MT/h wood charcoal briquette production line. And he is from Halupex company, in order to further improve the profits of charcoal briquette making, the customer plans to expand the business to the manufacturing of wood biochar briquette.

Which wood char-molder is suitable for 1-2 MT per hour output?

The Romanian customer told us that they were looking at capacities of 1 and 2 MT per hour. And on 300 days wood charcoal briquette production basis. What’s more, the requirement of customer is hexagonal charcoal briquette production. For this, there is a charcoal molder that is suitable for you to turn wood into biochar briquette.

YS-140 charcoal extruder machine-hexagonal biochar briquette

For better hexagonal biochar briquette manufacturing with a 1-2 t/h capacity, it is advisable to buy a charcoal extruder machine. Because compared to other char-molders of biochar briquette production, it can help you convert wood into charcoal briquette with two briquetting methods. And this machine has a lower cost for wood charcoal briquette production. In addition, itself configure cutter for final product to control length.

automatic cutter machine with wood charcoal extruder equipment

What briquetting method can achieve wood charcoal briquette making?

After recommending rod making machine, the customer from Romania asked us that what briquetting method is suitable for it. Actually, there are two methods for your choice.

What other equipment can help you make high quality wood biochar briquette?

Because this Romanian client is interested in hexagonal charcoal briquette making line. Except charcoal extruder machine, there are other machines you need to pay attention to.

Charcoal grinder machine

Whether you are crushing charcoal or wood, this device is indispensable. So, if you want to crush wood, we recommend you use a hammer mill. For biochar grinding, charcoal wheel grinder is more suitable.

Drying equipment

After briquetting, the final product has more moisture. And excessive moisture content can affect the burning efficiency and quality of wood charcoal briquette. Therefore, proper drying is usually performed before use. For this, we recommend you choose mesh belt dryer, which can reduce the moisture of wood biochar briquette below 1%.

mesh belt dryer in wood charcoal briquette plant

The above are details about our communication with the customer about wood charcoal briquette manufacturing machine in Romania. In addition, if you want to  make other types of charcoal briquettes, we also can provide you with suitable charcoal briquette making business plans. Such as bamboo biochar briquette plant, coconut shell charcoal briquette line, etc.

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