Top 2 Charcoal Briquette Making Method

There are two charcoal briquete making method for your choice. Forming first, then carbonization and carbonization first, then forming. In this way, you can select a suitable method according to your requirement. Because the charcoal briquette making methods are different, the equipment used is also different. Therefore, as a professional charcoal briquette making machine manufacturer, Sunrise designs types of machines to meet customer’s needs. You can produce biochar briquette with them easily.

What is the charcoal briquette making method?

In charcoal briquette making, forming first & then carbonization and carbonization first & then forming are the methods to help you achieve production.

Forming first & then carbonization

According to the literal meaning, you need compress the material firstly into briquettes and then carbonize them in a carbonization furnace to make charcoal briquette. So this method is suitable for materials such as sawdust, small pieces of waste and powdery materials, etc. And if your material is large, you can also use crusher to make powdery material to achieve this production method.

form first and then carbonization method
carbonizing first & then forming method for charcoal briquette making

Carbonization first & then forming

The production sequence of this method is just the opposite of the above. You need to put the material in the carbonization furnace for carbonization first. Then you process the produced biiochar and put it into the charcoal forming equipment. This can also produce the charcoal briquettes you need. And according to the requirements of different carbonization furnaces, these materials can be in long strips or crushed.

Hot selling charcoal briquette machines about forming first & then carbonization method

According to the current investigation into customer’s needs, our engineers design four types of charcoal briquette machines for this method. At present, they have won good feedback from countless customers. There is some information about them shown as follows:

Crushing machine

When your materials are wood, bamboo, coconut shell and wood shaving, etc, but you also want to use forming first & then carbonization method. Crusher is necessary. We recommend you with hammer mill. It can grind materials into 2-5 mm. If you want to make finer powder, Raymond mill can also help you after using hammer mill. And it can make powder material into 80-800 mesh.

hammer mill for charcoal briquette making
rotary drum dryer for material drying

Rotary drum dryer

If your materials are wood or sawdust, they will have some moisture. It can influence the briquette production. For this, rotary drum dryer is the best choice for you. It can reduce the moisture below 10-15%.

Too high a moisture content will lead to difficulties in molding. And the molded products will be prone to cracking and deformation. Then too low a moisture content will lead to insufficient carbonization of the sawdust, affecting the quality of the molded products.

Rod making machine

Because of forming first & then carbonization, you only use rod making machine to make briquettes. This machine make briquettes through using extrusion configuration. And it can produce 1-10 t/h briquettes. Furthermore, you can also replace mould to adjust the shape of briquettes.

charcoal extruder machine for charcoal briquette making

Carbonization machine

Finally, you can use carbonization furnace to make charcoal. Because rod making machine produce rod-shaped briquettes, there are only two carbonization furnaces for your choice. Hoisting carbonization machine and batch type carbonization furnace. They both can be suitable for rod-shaped briquettes.

What equipment is used for carbonization first & then forming method?

Compared with forming first & then carbonization method, there are more types of machines for carbonization first & then forming method we can provide you. Some basic information about them showed for you is as follows:

If you choose this production method, there are three machines for your choice. Hoisting carbonization machine, batch type carbonization equipment and continuous carbonization furnace. And when you select continuous carbonization machine, you need to process material in advance. Because its feeding size is about 3-30mm.

After carbonization, you need to process charcoal into powder. For this, charcoal wheel grinder is the best choice for you. It can not only grind charcoal, but also mix charcoal powder with binders, which can reduce the cost of buying mixer.

If you want to make high quality charcoal briquette, there are four char-molders for your choice. Charcoal extruder, biochar ball press machine, rotary charcoal tablet press and hookah press machine. You can choose a suitable one according to your requirement.

Why forming first & then carbonization method is favoured than other method?

As mentioned above, both forming first & then carbonization and carbonization first & then forming are good charcoal briquette making methods in biochar briquette preparation. According to statistics, in the process of charcoal briquette production, a large part of charcoal briquette producers like to use forming first & then carbonization method, so why can this method attract them?

Why choose us from so many charcoal briquette making machine manufacturer?

In addition to determining the type of machine you need, it is also important to choose a reliable company. Henan Sunrise Biochar Machine Co., Ltd. is absolutely an excellent choice for you because we can provide you with the best service.

  • Before the sale, upon receipt of customers information, we will promptly reply through telephone and email. We will provide customers with one-stop professional services, including product inquiry, technical support, product service complaint, warranty, consultation of spare parts, etc.

  • During the sale, we can design a project for you free of charge and guide the installation on site. Ensuring your follow-up production.

  • After the sale, we will follow up and visit irregularly. And understanding the machine operation, production capacity, service condition of wearing parts and other problems encountered by the customer at this stage. Then help them solve the problem immediately and give more technical guidance.

As a professional charcoal briquette equipment manufacturer, our company will provide you with high quality charcoal briquette making machines at the best price. Whether you want to build a new biochar briquette production line or upgrade an old one, whether you want to start a bamboo charcoal briquette plant or BBQ biochar briquette factory, you can contact us for consultation.

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