Charcoal Rotary Tablet Press

  • Capacity: 21420 pcs/h

  • Shisha mould: 21 sets

  • Thickness of shisha: 20-28 mm

  • Max filling depth: 55 mm

  • Warranty: 12 months

Charcoal rotary tablet press is used for pressing charcoal powder into round or square shape charcoal tablets for shisha. It adopts advanced technology, which can help you turn charcoal powder into briquettes in a short time. And its rotary speed, material filling depth and tablet thickness are all adjustable. For this, you can produce suitable briquettes from rotary charcoal tablet press machine. Here, we can provide you with high quality rotary hookah tablet press.

What raw material can rotary hookah charcoal machine process?

In order to meet your different types of biochar briquettes requirements, we have specially designed biochar rotary tablet press to adapt to different raw materials. Including coconut shell charcoal powder, fruit charcoal powder, bamboo charcoal powder, charcoal powder, etc. For this, you can use our machine to produce suitable biochar briquettes.

raw material for rotary hookah press machine making
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How does charcoal rotary tablet press work to make charcoal briquettes?

The reason why the rotary hookah charcoal press machine is efficient and high-quality. Because of its unique hookah charcoal forming system. It boldly abandons the traditional way of punching up and down. And it cleverly uses upper and lower punches along the curved track to squeeze naturally at the high and low points. For this, the advantage of this design is that each piece of shisha charcoal can withstand the same amount of pressure. This is also the most valuable part of the hookah charcoal making machine.

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2 features of biochar briquettes from charcoal rotary tablet press

The most effective and direct way to choose a suitable charcoal briquettes making machine is testing the finished pellets. Then what kind of briquettes can rotary shisha tablet press produce for you? Usually, the briquettes of rotary hookah tablets press have two highlights as follows:

adjust size through mold in rotary tablet briquette machine

Adjustable briquettes size

What is the size of final briquettes produced by charcoal rotary tablet press? This is an item most charcoal briquettes manufacturers focus on. In general, our charcoal rotary tablet press machine can prepare filling mold with a max depth of 55 mm. And the if you want to make round shape briquettes, the tablet thickness can get 20-28 mm. This can fully meet your needs.

Various shapes for your choice

Besides the size of mold on the turntable, you also have various options on shape. For the shape of mold on the turntable, we can make cube shape and round shape according to your requirements. And the round shape includes special-shaped tablets, special tablets, square tablets, ring tablets, etc. So whether which of the two you want to prepare, you can finish it easily and quickly.

types of shapes in rotary tablet charcoal briquette machine
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What is the structure of charcoal rotary tablet press?

Its structure includes a feed port, a discharge port, a mold (upper, middle, and lower), a motor, a deceleration motor, a pressure roller and a receiving tray. And its power plant is enclosed under the body. In addition, the test machine and daily maintenance need to check the motor and you can check it with the key. For this, the structure design of the whole rotary tablet press machine is very compact and space-saving.

structure of rotary shisha briquette equipment

We can customize its mold diameter, pattern, and text. Therefore, the shisha charcoal produced is more distinctive and has a wider audience at the same time. And the machine body and mold material are durable stainless steel. The surface of the turntable undergoes special treatment to maintain gloss and prevent cross-contamination. So, it has a long service life.

The position of the feed port of the hookah charcoal machine is highly suitable. Therefore, it is very convenient for operators to use and detect. And the buttons on the side of the machine can adjust the pressure and the number of fillings.

There is a baffle plate at the outlet, so that you can collect the hookah charcoal in an orderly manner. Furthermore, we equip our customers with a catch tray. It facilitates the operation of the drying part of the hookah. If you prepare making charcoal briquettes continuously, the discharge port of this equipment can also configure a conveyor belt to connect to the next equipment.

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How much does a charcoal rotary tablet press cost?

In addition, in the process of choosing charcoal rotary tablet press machine, cost is also an item you must focus on. In general, when you plan to buy this equipment for your charcoal briquettes production line, you need to prepare about $7,200-$18,000 for it. How about hydraulic press charcoal rotary tablet press equipment? The price of this machine is $7,200 and $13,000.

charcoal rotary tablet press price
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What are the benefits of using rotary shisha charcoal machine to make biochar briquettes?

With the development of technology, there are various charcoal briquettes making machines on the market, each has its own benefits to attract customers. So why charcoal rotary tablet press machine is an ideal choice for you. There are three reasons as follows:

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