Bamboo and Timber Charcoal Briquette Plant in India

Bamboo charcoal briquette plant is an ideal choice to prepare biochar briquette in a large scale economically. On 22nd March 2024, a customer from India inquired about this. But the system usually uses bamboo as material, and the Indian client’s materials are bamboo, wood, bamboo floor tiles and bamboo timber. And the required output is 1 t/h. Can we make charcoal briquette from these materials? Of course. You can choose our bamboo and timber charcoal briquette plant.

Can bamboo and timber charcoal briquette plant make 1 ton of biochar briquette per hour?

Of course, the maximum output of our bamboo and timber charcoal briquette system can reach over 30 tons per hour. For 1 t/h bamboo and timber biochar briquette production, we recommend you choose our small scale charcoal extruding plan. It contains hoisting carbonization machine, charcoal grinder, mixing machine, rod making machine and a biochar packaging machine.

Is there suitable equipment to make bamboo and timber charcoal briquette?

The customer from India told us that he wanted to start charcoal briquette manufacturing from hardwood wastage of saw mills and freshly harvested bamboo. So, is there a suitable machine for bamboo and timber biochar briquette production? Here, it is advisable to choose charcoal extruder briquette plant. Why?

Two charcoal briquette making methods

When you choose charcoal extruder machine to make bamboo and timber biochar briquette, there are two charcoal briquette making methods for your choice. Forming first & then carbonizing and carbonizing first & then forming. Only this machine can both achieve them. You can select a suitable method to produce biochar briquette.

Suitable capacity for biochar briquette production

Rod making machine can make 1-10 t/h charcoal briquette, which is suitable for producing small or medium scale bamboo and timber charcoal briquette. And you can also change molds to adjust the shape of final product.

shape of final product in bamboo and timber charcoal extruder machinesize of final product in rod bamboo and timber charcoal briquette make machine

What is the area occupation of bamboo and timber charcoal briquette line?

Bamboo and Timber Biochar Briquette Plant Area

Then the Indian clients focused on the area occupation of the charcoal extruding briquette line. Because the customer had rented a 800㎡workshop for bamboo and timber biochar briquette production. Can the area accommodate the charcoal briquette machines? The answer is yes. This charcoal briquette making system has the characteristics of simpler process and less biochar briquette equipment. So, you only need to prepare an area of 500-1500㎡for your 1-10 t/h bamboo and timber charcoal briquette production project. Including materials area and finished biochar briquette storage area.

How much does bamboo and timber charcoal briquette machine cost?

Finally, what is the price of the bamboo and timber charcoal briquette plant? Because of less charcoal briquette equipment used, this system has a lower cost. So, the cost of 1-10 t/h bamboo charcoal briquette line is between $50,000-$300,000. If you need a more precise quote for the bamboo and timber charcoal briquette plant, welcome to contact us and send your detailed requirements immediately.

Bamboo and Timber Charcoal Briquette Line Price

The above are details about our communication with the customer about bamboo and timber charcoal briquette production in India. Besides, we can also offer you many other business plans for biochar briquette manufacturing, such as system of making charcoal briquette from coconut shell, biomass charcoal briquette production line, etc.

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