Flat Die Pellet Machine

  • Capacity: 1-1.5 t/h

  • Raw material size: less than 6mm

  • Moisture: 12%-20%

  • Pellet size: 2-8 mm

  • Warranty: 12 months

Flat die pellet machine is an ideal choice for small scale pellets production. When you want to produce wood pellets, feed pellets and charcoal granules, etc, this machine can meet your requirements. And it adopts dry granulation method, which mainly make use of the physical extrusion force between two or three rollers and pellet mill die to turn powder material into pellets. So it can produce quality granules with a suitable shape and size you need. What’s more, it only needs low investment and a short time.

What kind of granules can flat die pellet machine produce?

Are you interested in flat die pellet mill? Do you want to use it to make suitable granules? You need to learn whether it can produce pellets you want? In general, it is suitable for the following occasions:

Wood pellets manufacturing

How to maximize the value of wood and sawdust in the fuel industry? Of course to make wood granules.When you want to use a type of economical and environmental fuel, wood pellets is the best option for you. Because it is more convenient to store and transport wood pellets due to its high density an uniform shape, which avoids the explosion risks or environmental pollution from spills that non-renewable fossil fuels do.

wood pellets making from flat die pellet mill
charcoal pellets making from flat die pellet machine

Charcoal granulation

Flat die pellet machine is also used in charcoal pellets production. When you have charcoal briquettes that is inconvenient to use, you can crush it and make charcoal particles. For this, these pellets can can help you boiler heating or barbecue, etc. In addition, using this flat die pellet mill, you can turn biochar powder into granules at a lower cost.

Content 20%

How does the flat die pellet mill work?

When you want to further know that is flat die pellet machine suitable for you, it is necessary to learn how does it work. Firstly, you need to feed raw materials into the feed hopper. Then falling down directly into the pelletizing chamber because of gravity. Under the effect of friction, the materials are compressed into the flat die holes. After shaping, squeezing out the materials in the form of pellets. The rotating sharp cutter would immediately cut the exposed pellets into certain length. In general, it is mainly make uses of extrusion force between rotating rollers and stationary flat die to produce pellets.

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Top 2 features in flat die pelleting machine

To determine whether this equipment is suitable for you, you need to know its features which can meet your requirements. Usually, the flat die pellet press has two characteristics as follows:

Electric and diesel engine

There are two engines for you choice in flat die pelleting machine-electric and diesel. Diesel flat die pellet mill is more suitable for pressing biofuel pellets in electric shortage area. And electric flat die pelleting machine is driven by electric motor which makes it more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. For this, you can select a suitable flat die pellet mill according to your local energy sources.

types of flat die pellet machine
less than 5mm

Feeding material size and moisture

When you prepare to make wood pellets, there are some requirements for raw materials. The size of materials is less than 5mm and the moisture of feeding materials need to get 14%-18%. If the size of these materials is not small enough, you can use crusher to grinding them. Only meeting the requirements of feeding materials size and moisture, you can produce high quality pellet.

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What is the design of flat die pellet press?

Professional flat die pellet mill manufacturers are also focusing on the design of the machine’s components and structure. Excellent design of them plays a key role in the pellet production line. Therefore, if you want to buy flat die pelletizers to start your biomass pellet plant, you can ask the granulator supplier about the design of key components and structure to evaluate the performance of the pelletizer equipment.

The design of feeding system takes into account the characteristics of the raw material and the production requirements. The design needs to determine the appropriate feeding method, such as gravity feeding, screw feeding or pneumatic conveying. At the same time, appropriate feeding equipment, such as vibrating feeder, screw conveyor or pneumatic conveying system, is selected to ensure that the raw materials can enter the flat die pellet mill in a stable and uniform manner.

The core par of flat die pellet press is a disc flat die which is made of ductile cast iron, it with multiple holes and a roller with slots on the surface. The thickness, hole size and quantity have huge effect on the production quality and capacity. And you should choose flat die holes size depending on desired pellet diameter. Because each pellet mill can match a bundle of flat dies with different holes size, which allows to produce pellet with different diameters. So the hole sizes of flat die are from 2.5mm to 10mm, and the 4mm,6mm, 8mm and 10mm are the most popular. They apply to different types of materials. You can make pellets of different diameters with flat die of different hole sizes.

design of flat die pellet mill
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How to set up a charcoal flat die granulation plant?

If you want to setup a charcoal flat die granulation plant, buying flat die pelletizer only is not enough, it is necessary to choose other charcoal processing machines to establish a professional charcoal granulation line. In this process, cost and factory area are two items you must pay attention to. So to establish a charcoal flat die  granulation factory, you need to do the following things:

charcoal flat die granulation plant

What equipment is needed in a charcoal flat die granulation line?

When you plan to create a charcoal granulation line, besides flat die granulator, you also need to buy feeding machine, crusher, mixer and belt conveyor. When it comes to make high quality charcoal pellets, you may also need to purchase a screening machine.

How much does a charcoal flat die granulation plant setup cost?

Cost also plays an important role in flat die granulation plant setup. It contains the costs of equipment, workshop building, energy consumption, worker employment, etc. Then because our flat die granulation system has characteristics of low energy consumption and high automation. And as a source factory of charcoal molder equipment, we can provide you with equipment at a favourable price. You can setup the flat die granulation plant at a low cost.

Charcoal flat die granulation plant setup price
Area occupation

What is the area occupation of a charcoal flat die pellet making system?

The area occupation also will vary according to the capacity, layout and configuration. Generally, a 1-1.5 t/h charcoal flat die granulation line needs an area of 200-500㎡.

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