Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

  • Capacity: 300-6000 kg/h

  • Length: 10-20 m

  • Carbonizing time: 11-14 h

  • Working method: batch type

  • Warranty: 12 months

Horizontal carbonization furnace is a new type of charcoal making equipment. It adopts a horizontal design to reduce machine height. So it is more convenient for loading raw materials. Same as other airflow carbonization furnaces, it also includes a smoke recycle system. And smoke generated in the carbonizing process enters the purifier and then you can ignite it for heating the furnace. For this, it is very popular among charcoal processors.

What is the working principle of horizontal carbonization machine?

In fact, the working principle of the hardwood carbonization furnace and the vertical carbonization furnace are very similar. They all use dry distillation carbonization and airflow carbonization methods. By then heating and decomposing the wood under oxygen-free conditions, the wood produces wood vinegar, wood tar and other ingredients. Moreover, the exhaust pipe of the horizontal airflow carbonization furnace can collect the flue gas in time and deposit harmful substances.

horizontal carbonization furnace with working principle
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3 Main structures of horizontal wood charcoal making machine

The horizontal charcoal making machine has a simple structure, including the three most important parts: thermal insulation rock wool, flue gas circulation pipe and trolley.

What other designs in horizontal carbonization furnace?

Besides the above introduction, its manufacturing process is very sophisticated and contains many components. Such as the gasification system, flue gas purification system, carbonization system, control system, combustion system, and power system.

  • Gasification system: including gasification furnace, combustible gas tank;

  • Flue gas purification system: including purification spray tower, condensation tower, heat exchange tower, tar separator;

  • Carbonization system: including drum host, feeder, charcoal conveyor, finished product cooler;

  • Control system: including: control cabinet;

  • Combustion system: including gas pipeline, stove;

  • Power system: including main engine power system, frequency conversion fan.

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3 Temperature ranges in the carbonization process of horizontal carbonization machine

There are 3 temperature ranges when you use horizontal carbonization equipment. The following are the detailed information:

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Why do so many manufacturers choose horizontal carbonization furnace?

By summarizing the past data of selling, we can find that this horizontal carbonization furnace is popular with charcoal suppliers. Why? Because it has many advantages which can attract biochar manufacturers to invest in as follows:

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How to further process horizontal carbonizing furnace product?

After carbonizing your materials, you can get the final charcoal product. If you want to get more profits, you can further process the finished biochar to make charcoal briquettes. But how to process charcoal into briquettes?

In order to make high quality biochar briquettes, grinding is necessary. Because the finer the powder, the more smooth the charcoal briquette appearance, the higher the competitiveness.

If you want to making biochar briquettes more easily, binder is a factor to consider. It can help you make charcoal powder have the adhesion stronger and prepare for the subsequent pressing.

At this time, you can choose a suitable biochar briquettes making machine. Such as charcoal ball press machine, biochar extruder, charcoal rotary tablet press, flat die pellet machine, hookah press machine and ring die pelleting machine. For htis, you can select them according to your needs.

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