Continuous Carbonization Furnace

  • Capacity: 400-1500 kg/h

  • Inner furnace temperature: 350-500 ℃

  • Carbonized pipeline temperature: 500-700 ℃

  • Working continuously: 24 h

  • Warranty: 12 months

Continuous carbonization furnace is an ideal equipment for high-temperature distillation and anaerobic carbonizing of charcoal-containing biomass materials (diameter< 15mm) such as sawdust, peanut shell, rice husk, coconut shell, palm shell, wood block, straw and bark under certain conditions. And it can bring profit to customers and realize the efficient and rational use of renewable resources.

What materials are suitable for continuous carbonization furnace?

Continuous charcoal making stove can carbonize a variety of biomass materials, such as peanut shells, branches, bark, walnut shells, bagasse, coconut shells, palm shells, sawdust, etc. Before feeding, you need to note two requirements.

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What is the structure of continuous carbonization machine?

The continuous charcoal making machine mainly includes feeding equipment, carbonization host, condensing discharge, ignition heads, combustion pool, purification equipment, power distribution cabinet, etc. And the raw material needs to go through preheating zone, high-temperature charring zone, and finally discharging through the cooling zone.

The feed adopts screw conveyor, and the enlarged feed opening can meet different sizes of raw materials. For this, it can prevent jamming and the conveying process is closed to prevent the entry of foreign objects. In addition, the cooling discharge device can be connected to a water pump or a water pipe. And there is water flowing through the interlayer of the discharging device. So it will cool the high-temperature charcoal to prevent spontaneous combustion when discharging the material.

A continuous charcoal making stove usually uses LPG as the heat source. And this part is the ignition device of the machine. But the number of ignition heads varies from model to model. For example, the YS-CF1200 model has 18 ignition heads in total and the YS-CF1000 model has 16 ignition heads in total.

The combustion pool is made of 4mm thick Q235 steel and 5cm thick high-temperature rock wool. Good thermal insulation effect. In addition, rock wool is much lighter than traditional refractory bricks, which is easier to transport and has better heat insulation.

The continuous carbonization furnace adopts 310s stainless steel plate and rock wool, which improves the sealing and heat preservation. It ensures that the carbonization area of the carbonization host has sufficient temperature.

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Top 2 continuous carbonization furnaces for your choice

Continuous carbonization machine can be divided into two types of machines: single-layer carbonization furnace and double-layer carbonization furnace. You can choose a suitable machine for your choice.

Single-layer continuous carbonization machine

Single-layer continuous carbonization machine

The working method of single-layer continuous carbonization furnace is very simple. The material falls into the inner barrel through the wind shelter. Then when the inner barrel runs to the end, the material can be discharged through the water-cooled discharge spiral. And compared with the double-layer one, the inlet and outlet of this equipment are at the front and rear ends.

Double-layer carbonization furnace

This equipment is divided into two layers, the inner layer and the outer layer. Due to this structure, its working method is also different from the equipment above. The material first falls into the inner barrel through the wind avoider, and then falls into the outer barrel after running to the end of the inner barrel. After that, it runs from the tail end of the outer barrel to the feed end and falls out. Finally, discharging charcoal through a water-cooled discharge spiral. Why did it go back to the feed port again? Because the double-layer continuous carbonization furnace is designed with the inlet and outlet at one end.

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5 Reasons why many charcoal manufacturers prefer to choose continuous carbonization machine

Continuous carbonization furnace is a hot selling charcoal making machine in YS. From the feedback of our customers, we find there are 5 reasons as follows:

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  • 1. How much space do you need to use a continuous carbonization furnace?

    A device needs about 250-300 square meters of space, the width cannot be less than 10 meters, and the length is 22 meters. And one piece of equipment requires 3 workers to operate.

  • 2. What is the heating source of the charcoal making machine?

    The source of heat is liquefied gas. You only need 15-20kg of liquefied gas for one round. And it will produce combustible gas after 1-1.5 hours of combustion. So the subsequent production process no longer needs liquefied gas. We advise customers to use LPG as the source of heat.

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