Sawdust Briquette Charcoal Making Machine

  • Capacity: 100-3800 kg/h

  • Power: 25-150 kw

  • Equipment material: Q245 R steel, 310S stainless steel

  • Voltage: 220v/380v, customization

  • Warranty: 12 months

Do you want to make more profits from sawdust recycling? Are you looking for a project for making sawdust into high quality biochar briquette? Take action and turn sawdust into charcoal briquette! In this process, it is necessary to choose a suitable sawdust briquette charcoal making machine. In order to fully meet your requirements, YS not only design various sawdust char-molders for your choice, but also setup different sawdust biochar briquette making lines to help you finish sawdust biochar briquettes smoothly. Are they affordable for you? Of course as a leading char-molder equipment company, we will offer you sawdust charcoal briquette machines and business plans at a favourable price!

Top 3 sawdust briquette charcoal making machines for your choice

As a professional char-molder equipment supplier, we can provide you with various  biochar briquette machines for sawdust processing. Among them, there are 3 types of sawdust char-molders that are popular with sawdust charcoal briquette manufacturers. They have different features and are suitable for different occasions, you can choose the right one according to your needs.

Charcoal extruder machine for small scale sawdust disposal

charcoal extruder machine for sawdust biochar briquette making
extruder machine working simply

Charcoal ball press machine for large scale sawdust char-molder plant setup

Some charcoal briquette manufacturers want to invest in a large scale sawdust biochar briquette plant setup. For this, our roller briquette press machine is the most suitable one. There are two reasons:

Large capacity

The maximum capacity of it is 35 t/h. That is, only using one briquette equipment, you can produce 2-3 times more charcoal briquettes than other sawdust biochar briquette making machines. Meanwhile, its minimum model has an charcoal briquette output of 1-3 t/h.

charcoal ball press machine for large scale sawdust biochar briquette making
different shape of final product in roller charcoal briquette machine

Different the shape of final product

What briquette shapes can roller briquette press machine make? Including round, pillow, square and lath, etc. You only need to change the mold of this machine. And we can also customize the shape of final product from charcoal ball press machine according to your needs.

Hookah press machine for commercial sawdust charcoal briquette production

For those who produce sawdust charcoal briquette for commercial purposes and shisha charcoal briquette making, we recommend you choose our hookah press machine. Because it is beneficial for the following aspects:

Two types of machines for your choice

When you want to make shisha biochar briquette, there are two types of machine for your choice. Charcoal rotary tablet press and hookah press machine. They both have different working methods. But the shape of final product both are round and square. Round size is about 20-45mm and square size is about 15-55mm. You can select them according to your needs.

sawdust charcoal rotary tablet press
sawdust shisha charcoal machine

Improve the quality of your final sawdust biochar briquettes

To make more profits from sawdust charcoal briquette making, you also need to pay attention to further improving the quality of your briquette. This sawdust briquette charcoal making machine uses a efficient way and adopt unique squeezing technique to produce briquette. So the final fertilizer products have a long burning time, which is about round 40 minutes and square 60-90 minutes.

Content 30%

How to establish a sawdust charcoal briquette production line?

To start commercial sawdust biochar briquettes making and sawdust char-molder plant setup more smoothly, it is necessary to establish a sawdust charcoal briquette production line. So besides charcoal briquette equipment, you may need the following sawdust processing machines.

This machine is used to carbonize sawdust for making charcoal briquettes. It is the most important equipment in sawdust biochar briquettes production.

After crushing, the carbonized sawdust will become fine powder, which makes briquette better and easier.

Mixer can blend sawdust charcoal powder with binders and combustion accelerant. So you can produce sawdust biochar briquettes for a long burning time.

Why do you need to dry sawdust biochar briquette? Because in the process of making briquette, there are some moisture in sawdust charcoal briquettes and it makes briquette become soft.So it is essential to further reduce the moisture content of sawdust charcoal briquette.

It can help you divide finished sawdust biochar briquette into different quantities. Including 25 kg/bag, 50 kg/bag, etc. This makes it more convenient to transport, store and sell.

sawdust charcoal briquette plant
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What is the cost of your sawdust charcoal briquette manufacturing line?

The price usually plays an important role in sawdust charcoal briquette manufacturing line. Then in terms of cost, our sawdust charcoal briquette making system can be divided into three parts:

$20,000 sawdust briquette charcoal making machine

If your budget for sawdust charcoal briquette manufacturing is lower than $ 20,000, charcoal extruder machine is the optimum option for you. And combing it with crusher, mixer, hoisting carbonization machine and bagging equipment, you can setup a sawdust char-molder line with a low investment.

$30,000-$150,000 sawdust biochar briquette manufacturing line

But provided you have prepared $ 30,000- $ 150,000 for turning sawdust into biochar briquette, we recommend you buy hookah press making line. It can improve the quality of your sawdust biochar briquette with a long burning time.


$150,000-$300,000 sawdust char-molder production system

For those who plan to invest $ 150,000- $ 300,000 in sawdust char-molder production system, you can choose charcoal ball press making line. It is the best choice to process a large amount of sawdust charcoal briquettes in a short time.


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