Charcoal Grinder Machine

  • Capacity: 1-30 t/h

  • Particle size: customization

  • Application: charcoal, wood, straw, coconut shell, etc

  • Warranty: 12 months

Charcoal grinder machine is an important equipment in charcoal briquette production line. And YS can provide you with six crushers for your choice. Such as hammer mill, mobile wood crusher, mobile disc type tree stump shredder, double shafts shredder, charcoal wheel grinder and Raymond mill. You can choose them according to your needs. And we can also customize crushers according to your actual production condition. If you are interested in it, please contact us immediately.

What can charcoal grinder machine do for quality biochar briquette making?

Whether you want to make shisha charcoal briquette or start a wood biochar briquette production project, charcoal grinder machine is necessary. Why? Because it can crush your materials into fine powder quickly and easily. This is greatly beneficial for your charcoal briquette manufacturing in the following three aspects:

crushing machine for biochar briquette making

In general, carbonization plays an important role in charcoal briquette making. Because when you want to make biochar briquette but your material is not charcoal, this machine is necessary. But this process will take a long time, about 8-24 hours, even if you use continuous carbonization machines. Do you want to speed up material carbonizing? Processing material, charcoal crushing machine is an ideal choice. Because it can crush materials into uniform size which has a larger contact area with heating. So you can complete charcoal in anaerobic environment more smoothly and quickly.

In addition, if you plan to prepare charcoal into briquette, it is advisable to use crushing equipment before briquetting. Whether you want to prepare biomass charcoal briquette or bbq biochar briquette. Why? Because compared with large particle size, charcoal powder is easier to form into biochar briquettes you need. What’s more, the finer the powder, the more smooth the charcoal briquette appearance, the higher the competitiveness.

Whether you want to carbonize first and then form or form first and then carbonize, you need to handle the size of the material to meet the feeding requirements of the equipment. So when you want to carbonize first, if you want to use a continuous carbonization furnace for production, you need to crush the material to 3-5cm. And if you want to form it first, you need to crush the material to less than 5mm before putting it into the rod making machine for forming. In this way, you can make quality charcoal briquettes.

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How to choose a commercial wood crusher for your charcoal briquette making?

As mentioned above, both before briquetting and carbonization, it is advisable to use charcoal grinder machines. However, how to purchase suitable biochar crusher for your commercial charcoal briquette manufacturing? Generally, you need to pay attention to material capacity and types. According to this, we design commercial charcoal grinders as follows:

High efficiency wood hammer mill

When your materials are branches, wood shavings, sawdust, straw, cotton and corn stalks, etc, you can use this machine to process materials. And there are two types of hammer mills for your choice. Small capacity hammer mill (small hammer mill) and large capacity hammer mill (large hammer mill). Each hammer mill has its own special features and advantages.

Small hammer mill

It has two different driving forces: electric motor and diesel engine. And this kind of hammer mill cuts large pieces of materials with the diameter around 30mm into smaller pieces with the diameter from 2mm to 5mm. So you can grind materials with a high effect. In addition, it adopts high-speed strong wind suction grinding system and dust suction device. For this, you don’t worry about the problem of production environment. Its capacity can get 100-2100 kg/h.

small hammer mill
large hammer mill

Large hammer mill

This wood hammer mill adopts welded-steel plate construction, which can increase pulverizing efficiency by 15%. And it reduces a broad variety of friable and fibrous materials into very fine products in uniform size ranges from 20 to 300 mesh. What’s more, this series of wood hammer mill have an extra quarter screen located in the hinged section of the top case, increasing screen area by approximately 50% over that of conventional designs, for a total of 270°. And it can grind 1-4 t/h materials.

Mobile wood crusher for sale

Mobile wood crusher is not restricted by region and energy. So two types of mobile wood shredder are the best choices for you. Industrial wood chipper and mobile disc type tree stump shredder. You can choose them according to your needs.

Industrial wood chipper

It can crush various materials, such as fresh branches, bushes, bamboo, straw, vines, tea trees, etc. And there are some designs in this machine. In its inlet, the neat serrations on the pressure rollers provide a strong grip. Moreover, the metal conveying device can meet the conveying and feeding of messy raw materials. Then there are two crushing parts in the material grinding process. One is crushing the materials into large pieces, and the other one is crushing large pieces into the required size.

wood chipper
Mobile disc type tree stump shredder machine

Mobile disc type tree stump shredder

As name suggests, this machine usually grinds tree root, wood and stump, etc. And it can crush 3-5 t/h and 15-40 t/h materials with small scale and large scale shredding. In addition, its production cost is low. The equipment adopts multi knife type rotor knife roller, which can crush materials more thoroughly and efficiently. Furthermore, the reasonable arrangement and the use of materials can improve the service life of the blade and reduce the production cost.

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What equipment can be used for crushing charcoal?

Besides crushing different types of raw materials, charcoal grinding is also important. In YS, you can purchase the following charcoal grinder machines:

Charcoal wheel grinder

It can not only grind charcoal but also mix with water and binders. And it usually consists of two or more rotating grinding wheels with a certain gap between them. Through the action of rotation and extrusion, the material is ground into the required particle size or shape. Therefore, this machine is an ideal equipment for producing charcoal briquettes.

charcoal wheel grinder

Raymond mill

This machine can also grind charcoal into fine powder. During work, Raymond mill mainly relies on internal grinding rollers and grinding rings to crush materials. After feeding charcoal pieces into the pulverizer, the material dipper will send the material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. At the same time, due to the centrifugal force from rotation, the grinding roller swings outward and presses against the grinding ring. So the charcoal between them will be crushed into biochar powder quickly.

Raymond mill is widely used in various materials crushing. Such as activated carbon, coal ore, charcoal blocks, limestone, lime, graphite, bentonite clay, calcite, talc, marble, dolomite, fluorite, phosphate rock, gypsum, etc. In general, it can make them into powder material with a granularity of 80-800 meshes.

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Which charcoal grinder machine is suitable for shredding solid waste?

In addition to the above log, tree root, straw, bamboo and charcoal, etc, there is many other solid waste you may want to shred. Is there suitable crushing equipment? Here, we recommend you buy a double shaft shredder. It can help you crush wood, coconut shell, other nutshells, metal, tires polystyrene boxes, etc. With stainless steel crushing blades and shaft design it can break down the material with a high hardness easily. Whether you want to treat biomass waste, domestic waste or industrial waste, double shaft shredder is an excellent choice.

double shafts shredder machine
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