Biomass Charcoal Briquette Machine

  • Capacity: 100-3800 kg/h

  • Power: 25-150 kw

  • Equipment material: Q245 R steel, 310S stainless steel

  • Voltage: 220v/380v, customization

  • Warranty: 12 months

The biomass charcoal briquette machine is an environmentally friendly project that processes solid fuel pellets from all kinds of biomass wastes such as straw, branches, and rice husks. So more and more biochar briquette manufacturer prefer to invest in char-molders. But how to make charcoal briquette from biomass? For this, YS, as a professional charcoal briquette making machine manufacturer, can provide proposals in many aspects. Including material selection, factory location, char-molder choosing, etc.

Why do you start the biomass biochar briquette production business?

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What equipment is required for biomass charcoal briquette making?

How to prepare biochar briquette from biomass? What biomass charcoal briquette machines can be used? They are two things you must know when you plan to make biomass material into charcoal briquette. As a professional char-molder manufacturer, YS design various biochar briquette making machines for your choice. And in general, a complete biomass charcoal briquette manufacturing system consists of the following machines:

Carbonization furnace

If you want to prepare charcoal briquette, carbonization furnace is necessary. Hence, hoisting carbonization machine, horizontal carbonization furnace and continuous carbonization equipment are all excellent choices for carbonizing completely. You can choose them according to your the size of material.

biomass Raymond millhammer mill in biomass biochar briquette line

Crushing machine

In the whole sets of biomass charcoal briquette machine, crusher is essential. It is used to convert carbonized biomass into fine powder. Then in order to make high quality biochar briquette, we recommend you buy Raymond mill and hammer mill.

Mixing and pressing equipment

At this step, for the final product having a long burning time and molding tightly, you can add some adhesives and accelerants. So wheel mill machine is the best choice for you. It can not only mix materials, but also press them which is the same as grinding.

biomass wheel mill machine
biomass charcoal briquette equipment

Biomass charcoal briquette machine

In biomass biochar briquette production, the importance of charcoal briquette machine is beyond doubt. Here, there are various types of char-molders for your choice. Flat die pellet mill, ring die pellet machine, charcoal extruder machine, hookah press machine and biochar ball press equipment. And they can help you produce biomass charcoal briquette according to your needs.

Mesh belt dryer

Freshly produced biomass charcoal briquettes will become very soft and have more moisture, making them easily damaged. For better packaging and storage, drying is essential. We recommend you a mesh belt dryer with a length of 6-40m and an effective width of 0.6-3.0m. Because the hot air flows through the charcoal briquettes, and the water vapor is discharged from the vent, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

biomass multi layer belt dryer
biomass charcoal bagging machine

Charcoal packing machine

Packaging is the final step of biomass biochar briquette production. With charcoal packing machine, you can pack your charcoal briquette into bags with different volumes. In this way, you can deliver your briquettes to different customers in a targeted way.

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2 Items you need to consider when setup a biomass charcoal briquette making line

In general, when you plan to establish a biomass biochar briquette manufacturing factory, you must consider the following 2 items:

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What is the price of biomass charcoal briquette machine?

YS biomass charcoal briquette making line is an ideal choice for turning biomass into biochar briquette at a low cost. Then what is the precise quote of biomass charcoal briquette machines? Usually, the cost of biomass biochar briquette manufacturing project is not fixed. It is related to many factors including capacity, briquette equipment manufacturer, etc.

Prices of different capacities biomass biochar briquette production systems

Generally, the larger the capacity, the higher the cost. So the price of a 500-1000 kg/h biomass charcoal briquette preparation line is $10,000-$50,000. When the output increases to 1000-2000 kg/h, you need to prepare $50,000-$70,000. How about 2000-3000 kg/h? Its cost is between $70,000-$100,000.

500-1000 kg/h
1000-2000 kg/h
2000-3000 kg/h

Why YS can provide you with biomass char-molder economically?

For one thing, we are the source factory for charcoal briquette equipment manufacturing. There is no extra charge during biomass charcoal briquette making machine buying. For another, we have been focusing on the production of char-molder equipment for nearly 20 years. We adopt advanced technology and equipment. So we have the strength to offer you quality biomass charcoal briquette machine at a favourable price.

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