Charcoal Briquette Production Line

  • Capacity: 100-3800 kg/h

  • Power: 25-150 kw

  • Equipment material: Q245 R steel, 310S stainless steel

  • Voltage: 220v/380v, customization

  • Warranty: 12 months

Compared with old style charcoal, biochar briquette have better fluidity. That is, charcoal briquette is more convenient to transport, store and use. Because after briquetting, your charcoal briquette has a lower possibility of sticking and layering. Therefore, more and more biochar briquette manufacturers invest in charcoal briquette production line. Thus, how to make biochar briquette? What equipment is needed in the char-molder plant? What is the price of a charcoal briquette plant setup? YS can provide you with all answers.

Mechanism charcoal briquette Vs Traditional biochar briquette

Traditional charcoal products are made by carbonize wood, trunk or branches directly. And mechanism charcoal means making wood charcoal by mechanical equipment. It is made from wood or biomass wastes (such as sawdust, peanut shell, crop straw and so on) through compressing and carbonizing. Both these two kinds of products can be called charcoal. But now in the market, we can’t find old traditional charcoal easily. Not only because of its high price, but also because of the disadvantages of incomplete carbonization and smoke. The fact is, mechanism charcoal briquette can fully replace old style charcoal with the following highlights.

traditional and mechanical charcoal briquette comparison
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What equipment is needed in charcoal briquette plant?

In order to make high quality biochar briquettes, it is necessary to understand the steps of a complete charcoal briquette production line. And what equipment is suitable for each process? A complete biochar briquette making system contains 6 steps as follows:

This is the first step of the whole process. And we provide vertical carbonization furnace and horizontal carbonization machine. They can carbonize raw wood, bamboo, fruitwood, and other materials. The vertical carbonization furnace adopts internal and external double-tank technology. Therefore, it can better meet the large charcoal output and is convenient and flexible. If you want to make large scale charcoal briquette, you can use continuous carbonization machine.

In general, the finer the raw material, the easier the briquette making. the smoother the final charcoal briquette appearance. So if you make biochar briquette for commercial purposes, it is advisable to grind carbonized materials with crusher before briquetting.

If you want to the final charcoal briquettes for a long burning time, you can buy a double shafts mixing machine for your charcoal briquette production line. Because it can blend various binders evenly in a short time, which can improve your quality of briquettes.

It is the most important step in biochar briquette manufacturing. For this, YS can offer you various charcoal briquette making machines for your choice. Whether you want to make shisha charcoal briquette or produce bbq biochar briquette, and start a small scale or large scale charcoal briquette plant.

Drying can reduce excessive moisture from the final product. For this, it helps improve the ignition speed and combustion efficiency of molded carbon, and reduces smoke and harmful gas emissions during the combustion process. Moreover, your briquette is easier to transport and can be stored for a long time.

This is the final process of the charcoal briquette production line. When you pack your briquette into different volumes of bags, you can earn the favor of customers with different needs.

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How many types of charcoal briquette making machines can you choose in YS?

Charcoal briquette production line, as name suggests, biochar briquette machine plays an important role in this system. But there are various char-molders in the market, which one is more suitable for you? There are some tips for your reference.

Small scale hookah press machine for low cost charcoal briquette making

If you want to start a small scale biochar briquette production, we recommend you choose hookah press machine. This machine includes two types, rotary type and impact type. And it is the most cost-effective small scale charcoal briquette machine in YS. For one thing, it has a capacity of 300-500 kg/h, which can fully meet your requirements of produce biochar briquette in a small scale. For another, it has a favourable price, only about $ 4,280- $ 18,000. And its briquette rate can reach over 99%. It means you can greatly reduce material consumption in the briquette process. Therefore, it can help you produce charcoal briquette at a low cost, whether it is shisha charcoal briquette making or bbq biochar briquette manufacturing.

Large scale charcoal ball press machine for biochar molding

But when you want to buy a equipment for large scale biochar briquette making, the roller briquette press machine is your best choice. Because its largest production capacity is 30 t/h, which is much higher than any other char-molders. And in order to prevent the erosion of a large amount of charcoal briquette production, we especially use Q245 R steel and 310S stainless steel as equipment materials. Therefore, it can finish large scale biochar briquette production easily.

Charcoal extruder machine for rod shape briquettes making

The above two char-molders both produce round and square shape biochar briquettes. But is there a charcoal molding machine for rod shape briquette making? For this, YS can offer you biochar extruder machine. It mainly relies on the screw extrusion force of two metal heating rings to make charcoal powder into rod shape briquettes through screw-propeller. It can not only adopt wet material, but also involve dry materials. So you can use two charcoal briquette methods for biochar briquette making. Then this machine also can greatly reduce your budget for charcoal briquette manufacturing.

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What is the price of charcoal briquette production line?

In the process of choosing production line for your biochar briquettes plant, price is an item you are interested in. You can know the detailed design and price of charcoal briquette production line from the following.

300-500 kg/h hookah press briquette plant

The 300-500kg/h hookah press briquette plant is worth about 11,000-76,500. It is more suitable for small scale and low cost biochar briquette preparation. In addition, if you want to start a 500-1000 kg/h charcoal briquette making, you also need to spend money on factory area rent, For 500-1000 kg/h hookah press briquette plant, you should prepare an area of 200-500㎡.

How much does this 1-10 t/h charcoal extruding briquette system

The price of a 1-10 t/h charcoal extruding briquette system usually is $98,000-$305,000. Then in general, this production line will occupy an area of 750-1,700㎡. If you want to use it to produce medium scale biochar briquette. You can buy a charcoal extruding briquette line. And you only need to prepare $98,000-$305,000 to purchase this line.

What is the cost of this 1-30 t/h charcoal ball press making line

If you want to set up a large scale charcoal briquette plant, you can choose charcoal ball press making line. A complete biochar ball press making system is worth about $118,000-$500,000. In addition, you need to prepare a 1,050-3,200㎡ site to install the entire fertilizer production line. Using biochar ball press machine in your charcoal briquette production process can not only enlarge your briquette plant capacity, but also reduce the consumption of energy.

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