Charcoal Packaging Machine

  • Capacity: 40-230 bags/min

  • Bag length: 65-280mm

  • Bag width: 30-110mm

  • Weight: 500 kg

  • Warranty: 12 months

Packaging is the end of charcoal briquette making process. But it also plays an important role in biochar briquette manufacturing. In order to help you finish charcoal briquette packaging quickly and easily, YS especially design charcoal packaging machine. It can pack biochar briquette with a quantitative precision of 2 %. And it has characteristics of integrated structure, high efficacy, novel appearance, easy installation and convenient maintenance. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for you, whether you want to package charcoal briquette.

What benefits can charcoal packaging machine bring to biochar briquette making?

Why biochar briquette packing system is necessary for charcoal briquette making? What benefits can it bring to your biochar molding? The answer is as follows:

charcoal bagging machine

After packaging, the biochar briquette will be contained in bag. So the briquette will not disperse and layer during transportation. In addition, because packing bag can isolate the outside world influences to a certain extent, packed charcoal briquette can be stored for a longer time. In this way, customers can use it anytime.

In general, your customers have different requirements for the capacity. For this, our charcoal briquette bagging system can package final product in 25 kg/bag, 50 kg/bag, etc according to your needs. So you can deliver correspondent volume briquettes to your customers directly.

From the above introduction, we know that it is essential to pack briquette after production. But manual charcoal briquette bagging will take a long time. YS automatic packaging line is different. It has a high degree of automation and can finish biochar briquette packing and sealing in quickly and easily.

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How to choose a suitable biochar bagging machine?

In charcoal briquette bagging system, the most important machine is biochar briquette packing equipment. Then how to buy a suitable charcoal packaging machine for you? In general, you can consider it from the following two aspects:

Final biochar briquette shape

Usually, it is advisable choose different bagging machine according to your final charcoal briquette shape. Especially when you prepare hookah charcoal briquette. What is the different between them?

Round hookah charcoal packing machine for sale

When you plan to make round hookah biochar briquette, we recommend you choose professional horizontal type packing system. For one thing, it is mainly composed of a conveyor belt, a feeding machine, and a pillow packing machine, which makes charcoal briquettes enter into the bag smoothly. For another we equip it with an advanced PLC intelligent control system, servo motor system and temperature PID control. They are greatly beneficial for the quantitative packaging of your fertilizer.

What other machines are equipped with round shisha biochar packing machine?

  • Hookah charcoal dispenser. It has two functions. On the one hand, the shisha charcoal sheet is leveled before dividing the material. On the other hand, its tracks allow the individual products to be separated. And the most common packs of shisha charcoal on the market are 10 pcs per bag. (If there is demand, YS can customize the multi-track distributor)

  • Heat shrink packaging machine. It is a device that packs regular commodities. Adding plastic film to the outside of the product can prevent the box from scratching and also prevent moisture.

Cube shisha biochar packing machine

Compared with round charcoal briquette, there is more friction in cube shisha biochar packaging process. So YS especially upgrade cube shisha charcoal briquette packager. After the operator puts the raw materials on the conveyor belt, it will transport them to the feeding machine. And the material feeder can separate these shisha charcoals and combine them into groups for packaging. There are lots of lock catches on the flow wrapping machine so that the equipment can make the hookah charcoal keep a packaging.

Charcoal briquette type

In addition, the type of biochar briquette is also an item you need to consider when buying charcoal packaging machine.And as a professional char-molder manufacturer, YS can provide you with two types of packing machines for your choice.

BBQ charcoal packing machine

Our barbecue charcoal packing machine is designed for efficient and precise packaging of various sizes and shapes of bbq charcoal briquettes, meeting your specific packaging requirements. And it offers a wide range of packaging options, including popular weights like 10kg, 15kg, 30kg, 50kg, and 65kg, catering to diverse customer needs. In addition, it encompasses features such as automated loading, precise weighing, and automated sewing, ensuring the seamless and accurate packaging of your barbecue charcoal briquette.

BBQ charcoal bagging machine

Honeycomb briquette bagging equipment

Its core technology is heat shrink packaging. So you can use this machine to treat a certain number of briquettes as a unit for packaging. This is not only good for loading and unloading, but also good for protecting honeycomb briquette. And there are two types for your choice. Semi-automatic type and fully automatic type. You can select them according to your requirements.

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What is the price of charcoal packaging machine?

Finally, the price is an aspect most charcoal briquette manufacturers pay attention to when buying biochar automatic bagging system. However, it is not fixed and will vary with capacity, equipment choosing, equipment number, etc. But, YS as a reliable char-molder manufacturer, can provide you with quality charcoal packaging machines at a favourable price. In general, the price of a complete charcoal packing system is $4,000-$12,800. Provided you want to get a quote in detail, please contact us on the following contact form immediately

charcoal packaging machine price
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How to improve charcoal packaging machine working efficiency?

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