Hoisting Carbonization Furnace

  • Capacity: 1-1.5 t/h

  • Equipment material: carbon steel

  • Raw material size: within 30cm

  • Carbonization method: dry distillation carbonization

  • Warranty: 12 months

The hoist carbonization furnace adopts a hoisting combination structure and advanced hot air carbonization technology, which greatly improves the carbonization rate. So it is the ideal equipment for large and medium scale charcoal enterprises to produce charcoal.

Raw materials for carbonizing with vertical carbonization furnace

The hoisting charcoal furnace is suitable for large pieces of material, such as logs, wood chunks, wooden furniture trimmings, biomass briquettes, coconut shells, twigs, etc. So it is ideal for customers who want to obtain large pieces of charcoal. (If your raw material is less than 3cm, you can choose our continuous carbonization furnace.)

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What is the design of hoisting carbonization furnace?

When you want to select a suitable carbonization furnace, the design of this machine is important. So the structure of the hoisting carbonization furnace mainly includes four parts: hoisting device, inner furnace, outer furnace, and gas circulation pipeline.

The outer furnace of the hoisting carbonization furnace is mainly composed of thicker steel plates and refractory bricks. And the surface of the outer furnace is made of steel plate in a barrel shape. Furthermore, the gaps of the refractory bricks are generally filled with special refractory glue. In addition, the bottom of the outer furnace of the carbonization furnace is a combustion chamber, which is composed of coiled tubes with air holes.

The inner furnace of the vertical carbonization furnace is a liner that can be loaded and unloaded and is made of steel plate. And it is used to hold the raw materials for carbonizing, such as tree branches, sawdust briquettes, etc. Usually, a carbonization furnace configures with three standard inner tanks, which can be used alternately during work.

In addition to adding materials directly into the inner furnace, we can also use the loading box to assist with the filling. In practical applications, this loading box is often used to carbonize sawdust briquettes with regular shapes.

When you use a hoisting carbonization furnace, it is often necessary to equip a lift crane that can automatically lift the inner furnace, which can not only improve production efficiency but also save labor. So this lifting device can be controlled by remote control to load and unload the inner furnace.

The flue gas purification system is an optional device for the hoist charcoal furnace, which is used to filter the exhaust gas generated in the carbonization process and to recycle the combustible gas. And our flue gas purification devices are mainly divided into conventional flue gas filters and electrostatic flue gas purification devices.

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How does vertical carbonization furnace work to carbonize materials?

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4 features of vertical carbonization furnace in YS

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