Small Scale Charcoal Briquette Making in Philippines

The Philippines has a tropical maritime climate with lush vegetation, which has been the main output area of wood. But there is a concomitant that needs to focus on. How to dispose of wood waste? Converting it into charcoal briquette is an excellent choice. In this process, briquetting is necessary. For this, you need to know what char-molder is suitable for you. So on 25th February 2022, a customer from Philippines inquired about small scale charcoal briquette making. The following are the specific information in this case:

The requirement of the Filipino client for small scale biochar making

The customer from Philippines planned to make sawdust, wood chips, coconut shells and rice straws, etc to make biochar briquettes. And the capacity is 500 kg/h. In addition, he told us “ …What I want is a recommendation from you of the components of the process required from crushing to drying to briquetting and carbonation and packaging. And I need a quote for the complete set up. Then I will then need help with your team coming to set it and get it running and then hand over the process …”

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  • The component of the process for making biochar briquette

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What is the component of small scale biochar briquette system?

This Filipino client wanted us to give him an advice about the component of small scale charcoal molding system from crushing to drying to briquetting and carbonation and packaging. For this, we discuss this situation according to customer’s actual condition:

small scale charcoal briquette making system

Because customer from Philippines prepare to use sawdust, wood chips, coconut shells and rice straws, etc as materials to make biochar briquette. So you need to crushing them into fine powder firstly. The better the crushing, the smoother the surface of the final product and the better the quality. And there are types of shredders for your choice. Such as hammer mill, Raymond mill, etc.

Under normal circumstances, the moisture content of materials is 30%-40%. But in order to meet the requirement of charcoal molding, you need to reduce the moisture  to 8%-12%. For this, you can use a rotary dryer. We equip it with lifting plates inside, which can greatly reduce the erosion from materials and drying materials evenly.

Because customer from Philippines wanted to form briquette first and then carbonize. We recommend him rod charcoal molding equipment. It can make materials into sticks through high temperature and high pressure.

After making briquette, you need a carbonization furnace to achieve charcoal briquette production. For this, YS-8 is an ideal machine for your choice. Because it can produce 400-600 kg/h biochar briquettes,which can meet Filipino client’s the capacity of 500 kg/h.

Finally, in order to store and transport with convenience, packaging is necessary. We can provide you types of bagging machines according to your final product, such as shape, type and capacity.

Why so many customer choose YS small scale charcoal briquette making system?

Source factory price

As a leading char-molder manufacturer in China, YS has its own charcoal briquette machine manufacturing factory, which is about 40,000㎡. So you can buy charcoal molding equipment at a source factory price. There is no extra charge, so it must be the most favorable price. And if you want to setup a complete small scale biochar briquette system, you need about $80,000-$150,000 with the 500-1000 ㎡area. This price is only a reference cost, if you want to know the detailed price, please contact us.

small scale charcoal briquette making system price
Sunrise small scale biochar molding plant manufacturer

Complete after-sale service

After buying our small scale biochar briquette plant, you don’t worry installation and equipment running. Our team will hand over the whole process from buying to installation to running. And we also provide proof of free warranty within one year. If you choose us, you will never regret.

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