How to Make Charcoal Briquettes from Sawdust in Kenya

In the recent past, the presence of natural charcoal is diminishing. But its demand has been high while the supply is limited. Partly because of diminished forests and the desire to conserve the trees. As a result, charcoal briquette making machine is becoming popular today. And starting a charcoal briquette business has been profitable project in many countries, like South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, etc.. For this, on 19th April 2024, we received a charcoal briquette making customer from Kenya. This client wanted to make charcoal briquette from sawdust. But he didn’t know what the production process is. The following are the detailed information in this case:

What is the process of making biochar briquette from sawdust?

This Kenyans customer wanted to know the process of producing sawdust biochar briquette. In general, there are 4 steps in the production of sawdust charcoal briquette.

If your material is wood, you can use hammer mill to make wood into sawdust. But if your material is sawdust, you can directly ignore this step. And when you want to prepare high quality sawdust charcoal briquette, you can also crush sawdust into about 5-millimeter size.

Then you need a drying process. If the water content exceeds the empirical upper limit, the temperature will rise and the volume will suddenly expand. For this, it is easy to cause an explosion. Then if the moisture content is too low, it will be difficult to shape. So you can use a dryer to reduce the moisture content to about half (to about 15%) the level required for briquettes formation.

Compress the briquette machine under high pressure and temperatures in a process known as briquetting. During this process there is self-bonding which involves thermoplastic flow of the biomass. Lignin content is formed naturally inside the biomass machine due to high pressure and temperatures, and it is liberated. It serves as glue, binding and compressing the biomass to form high-density briquettes. For this, we recommend you charcoal extruder machine.

After briquetting sawdust, you can put them into carbonization furnace. According to their rod shape, we recommend you two carbonization machines. Hoisting carbonization machine and batch type carbonization furnace. You can choose them according to your capacity.

What is the advantage of making sawdust charcoal briquette?

Finally, customer from Kenya prepared to make sawdust charcoal briquette for a lone time. But he was worried that the profit would not be as good as selling natural sawdust charcoal. We explained to him the advantages of processing sawdust charcoal briquette.

The above are details about how to make charcoal briquette from sawdust in Kenya. Besides, we can also offer you other charcoal briquette production lines. Such as 3 t/h sawdust charcoal briquette machine, BBQ biochar briquette making plant and bamboo charcoal briquette plant, etc.

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