How to Build a Charcoal Molding Plant at a Lower Cost

When you plan to start charcoal briquette making, cost is an item you must pay attention to. The investment of charcoal molding plant setup is not fixed. Because it is usually affected by many factors. Such as material, briquette shape, capacity, machine configuration, biochar briquette equipment manufacturer, etc. So when you want to build a charcoal molding plant at a low cost, you can find a business plan that works for you in YS. If you have any requirements, we also can provide you with a customization design for your biochar briquette manufacturing plant.

Where can you find affordable materials for charcoal briquette making?

Finding affordable raw materials is a crucial step in building a charcoal molding plant. The price and quality of raw materials can significantly impact the final product’s market competitiveness. So, where can biochar briquette manufacturers look to source these materials at a low cost?

How do you design an economical biochar molding plant?

After ensuring the source of raw materials, the biochar molding plant’s design is also an important factor in determining its cost efficiency. And a charcoal briquette production plant layout that minimizes waste and streamlines the production process will save money in the long run. So this plant can be divided into three parts:

Material area

Usually, material for biochar briquette preparation has various types,such as sawdust, coconut shell, wood waste and charcoal, etc. For prevent over moisture content, it is advisable to keep raw materials indoors. But sometimes, you cannot achieve it, especially during large scale charcoal briquette manufacturing or using other raw materials other than charcoal. At that time, you can build a shed for outdoor storage (as shown below). Because biochar raw materials should ideally have a low moisture content to ensure a high-quality end product and efficient production.

Charcoal molding line workshop

Charcoal molding plant workshop

In biochar briquette making plant, one of the most important areas is space for charcoal briquette production line equipment. For this, we recommend you build a workshop to accommodate it. This can reduce the outside influences of rain, snow, big wind, etc on your charcoal briquette production process. So you can prepare biochar briquette more smoothly.

Final charcoal briquette products storage area

Finally, you also need to set up a storage area for the final biochar briquette you prepare. Because after completing charcoal briquette making, it is impossible to transport briquette selling immediately every time. Therefore, you need a place to store finished charcoal briquette temporarily at least.

final product storage in charcoal molding plant

What can YS do to help you setup a charcoal molding plant at a lower cost?

If you want to setup a biochar briquette making factory with a smaller investment, it is also necessary to find a reliable charcoal briquette machine manufacturer. Here, YS is an ideal choice for you. There are two reasons:

patent certification of charcoal molding plant

YS can provide you with high quality charcoal molding plant equipment

On the one hand, we constantly integrate advanced accessories from the domestic and foreign. Such as the Siemens, Schneider, ABB, Baosteel, etc. So we can offer you char-molders with easy and stable operation. On the other hand, all our biochar briquette equipment is made of S310 stainless steel and Q245 R steel. So it has a longer service life than other charcoal briquette making machines. That is, you can spend less on biochar molding plant equipment replacement.

YS biochar briquette machines have a more favourable price

As a leading charcoal briquette equipment company in China, YS has advanced technology and many years of experience in charcoal briquette processing machine manufacturing. In this way, the cost of char-molder machine can be reduced. In addition, we are a source factory for biochar briquette machine production. This means there is no extra charge during transactions. So you can buy equipment for your charcoal molding plant setup at a more favourable price.

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