Ring Die Pellet Machine

  • Capacity: 0.5-4 t/h

  • Roller number: 2

  • Pellet size: 6-12 mm

  • Die working temperature: less than 85℃

  • Warranty: 12 months

Ring die pellet machine is a kind of biomass granulating equipment, which can turn biomass material powder into granules. And unlike other granulators, its finished biomass pellets are columnar instead of round. But this will not affect the efficiency of your pellets. And if you want to start a small scale biomass pellets production business, our ring die pelletizer will be an ideal choice for you. Because it usually can produce 0.5-4 tons of particles per hour, that is, you can get about 3,000-24,000 tons of biomass granules a year. In addition, due to its high granulation rate, favourable price and easy operation, it is popular with many biomass pellets manufacturers at home and abroad.

What material can ring die pellet machine process into pellets?

In general, material collection is the first step of pellets production. At the same time, material also plays an important role in ring die pelletizer purchasing. ls this equipment suitable for processing your materials? Ring die pellet mill has a high adaptability, which makes it can granulate various materials. Such as straw, sawdust, charcoal powder, etc.

raw material for ring die pellet mill

Are you looking for a perfect way to recycle straw from your crops? Making it into pellets is an excellent choice for you. But there is only a small area in your area, how to make straw into granules? Ring die pellet equipment can fully meet your requirements. It is a vertical granulation machine. So only needs 10-50㎡, it can finish the whole process of straw granulation.

When you plan to prepare pellets from sawdust, you will find that this kind of material is water absorbency. If you do not clean off the sawdust on the mold surface after use, it may accelerate corrosion of the mold surface. Can ring die pellet machine bear this erosion? Of course. The steel type of our ring die pellet equipment is Q235B boiler steel, which has a high performance in erosion resistance. So it can help you produce sawdust granules for a long time.

Is this machine suitable for charcoal pellet making? The answer is yes. Ring die pellet press can process charcoal powder into quality biochar pellets. So that you can convenient to store in a long time and use for barbecue or boiler heating.

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How does ring die pellet machine work to make powder into pellets?

After determining that ring die pellet mill is suitable for your materials, it is necessary to learn how does it work to turn these materials into pellets. Commonly, the process of ring die pellet machine is divided into four parts:

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Two types of ring die pellet mill for your choice

According to different placements of the ring die, there are two types of machine for your choice: vertical ring die pellet machine and horizontal ring die pellet mill.

Horizontal ring die pellet mill

In the horizontal type, placing the ring die vertically. When raw materials fall down from the conditioner, feeding them into the ring die horizontally by a forced feeder. In addition, this type of equipment only has the ring die rotates. So you need to distribute the raw materials in the ring die by the screw feeder.

Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Machine
Vertical Ring Die Pellet Machine

Vertical ring die pellet machine

In the vertical type, the ring die is placed horizontally. Then the feed hopper is right above the ring die, and the raw materials falls into the ring die directly. What’s more, this type of machine both has the roller and ring die rotate. They form centrifugal force and distribute raw materials uniformly.

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Why so many pellets suppliers use ring die pellet press in granules production?

From past data, we found that many pellets suppliers buy ring die pellet press for their various pellets production plants. Why? From the feedback of our customers, we summarized three reasons as follows:

Various types of ring die pellet machines for your choice

To fully meet the requirements of pellets suppliers, we especially design ring die pellet machines with different placements. And depending on the output, we have designed different models of ring die granulators for your choice. Therefore, when you need small ring die pellet mill, we can offer you YSLH-350, which has a minimum output of 0.5 t/h. And for those who want to process materials in a large scale, we can offer you ring die pellet press with a capacity up to 4 t/h, that is, YSLH-768.

types of ring die pellet machines
Ring die pelleting machine price

Favourable price

The favourable price is also an important advantage which attracts pellets production businesses to purchase ring die pelleting machine. Generally speaking, the price of a ring die pellet press is $ 20,000- $ 48,000. Why does it has such an economical price? For one thing, it has a compact design and a capacity of 0.5-4 t/h. The smaller the capacity, the lower the price. For another, YS is a source factory for pellet equipment manufacturing. So there is no extra charge during the transaction.

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