What Materials are Suitable for Making Charcoal Briquette

Good raw materials are the basis for the production of high-quality charcoal briquette. In theory, the raw material contains carbon is suitable for making charcoal briquette, such as straw, wood, etc. However, what kind of material is more suitable for making biochar briquette?

What types of biomass materials can be used for making environmentally friendly charcoal briquette?

In fact, many raw materials can be used for the production of environmentally friendly charcoal making machine, such as sawdust, rice husks, bamboo shavings, branches, various fruit shells, and other biomass materials containing wood fibers. Of course, the quality of the mechanism charcoal briquette produced from different raw materials is also different. Because the harder the material, the better the quality of the mechanism charcoal. Among them, the trees, bamboo, the pine and fruit trees are better.

raw material preparation for high quality charcoal briquette making

Can the bark and leaves be used as raw materials for charcoal briquette machine?

Trunks and roots can produce charcoal briquette, so some customers have asked, can bark and leaves be made of mechanism biochar briquette? YS tells you that these are also possible. However, it is not possible to produce machine-made biochar briquette only from bark and leaves. Because the main requirement of making mechanism charcoal briquette is wood fiber. And although this raw material also contains carbon elements, it does not contain wood fiber. Therefore, the quality of mechanism charcoal produced from this is not good, and it is not easy to form. However, we can artificially add some wood fiber to it, that is, we can properly add some sawdust to produce, the mechanism charcoal briquette produced in this way is fine.

Which is the ideal materials for biochar briquette making?

ash content of material to make high quality charcoal briquette

Studies have shown that ash content directly affects the combustion performance of biomass charcoal briquette. Because the lower the ash content, the better the combustibility of charcoal.  And the data tested by agricultural experts show that: coconut shell ash content is 0.61%, sawdust ash content is 0.9%, cotton stalk ash content is 5.1%, rice husk ash content is 15%, and straw ash content is 19.1%. Therefore, it is easy to get the result that coconut shell and sawdust are the better materials for making charcoal briquettes. This is not to say that charcoal briquette cannot be produced from other materials. It’s just that coconut shells and sawdust produce better charcoal briquettes than others.

How to choose suitable sawdust as materials to make quality biochar briquette?

For sawdust, there are hardwood sawdust and softwood sawdust. Poplar, paulownia, eucalyptus, etc. This type of wood has a loose wood structure and is collectively referred to as softwood. But the charcoal briquette made from softwood is not very good in burning performance. Slow-growing pine, oak, fir, oak, bamboo, etc. are hardwoods, and the biochar briquette produced is better combustible performance than softwood charcoal briquette.

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